Wu Tang Collection - Dragon's Snake Fist  from Wu Tang Collection

Wu Tang Collection - Dragon's Snake Fist from Wu Tang Collection

Year: 2018
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0 seconds 720 Director: Kim Si-HyeonCast: Dragon Lee, Yuen Qui, Lee Yi Min, Lin Zi Fu In central China, the DRAGON FIST and the JEET-KUNE are two competition martial-arts schools. In a duel, JEET-KUNE master Hung Sing, cracks a leg of DRAGON FIST master Ho Cho. Ho vows revenge and practices Golden Needles. HO's son, Ho Au and daughter Ho Kiu now and then get into trouble in the JEET-KUNE school. JEET-KUNE students are often insulted and beaten. Hung Sing, while teaching the skills of kung fu, also preaches the morale of martial-artists. The evil Ho Au goes further and assassinates Hung Sing, and damages the JEET-KUNE school. Hung Sing’s student, Lee Jin returns to learn the death of his master. Being an expert in the Snake Fist, Lee breathers his kung fu mates and tries to recover the school. However, Ho Au will never let him do it. Lee, with his fury at breaking-point, defeats Ho Au. He goes on to kill "DOUBLE-WHEELS" Chan and "FATAL FIRE" Pai; both are highly acclaimed under men of Ho Cho. A death-duel between Lee and Ho becomes inevitable. Please visit our website: Go to #WuTangCollection Comments:
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