STARCRAFT II (Honest Game Trailers)  from Smosh Games

STARCRAFT II (Honest Game Trailers) from Smosh Games

Year: 2018
Authors: Smosh Games
Post: Admin
0 seconds 720 SUBSCRIBE ►► UPSIDE DOWN DOODLE JUMP! ►► WORLD OF WARCRAFT ►► BOARDERLANDS ►► the developers that made the same 3 games 5 different ways for the past 20 years comes the third version to a sequel to a sci-fi re-imagining of a fantasy RTS series. Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite Video Games: Honest Game Trailers. These are the hilarious trailers the game developers don't want you to see... Special thanks to:redalert2havoc: Gaming: Game Trailers: StarCraft IIExecutive Producers: Andy Signore and SmoshDirected by: Spencer GilbertEpisode Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Andrew Bird, Spencer Agnew, Matt Raub, Michael Davis, Michael Schroeder, Max SongEdited by: Max SongVoiceover Narration by Jon: Title design by Robert HoltbyPlay with us!Subscribe: us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: us to your circles on Google+: Comments:
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