SJWs Say PUBLIC SCHOOL Is RACIST  from James Allsup

SJWs Say PUBLIC SCHOOL Is RACIST from James Allsup

Year: 2018
Authors: James Allsup
Post: Admin
0 seconds 720 Learn how to trade cryptocurrency like a professional! Deals end TONIGHT at http://www.tradegenius.coOur friends at NowThis are back with a hot take: not only is the public school system racist, but it's sexist as well. In this video, we investigate their claims- are they right, or is this just more leftist alarmism?MORE RESPONSE VIDEOS: ADDRESS//1MDsW39MNQgkzuBdXhkk31yYczvBjigkCzOUR WEDDING IS OCTOBER 6! My fiance & I have wedding registries set up at the links below,. If you want to support my channel this way, it is much appreciated. //BITCOIN: 1MDsW39MNQgkzuBdXhkk31yYczvBjigkCzSTREAMLABS: //FACEBOOK: //PO BOX 9831Spokane, WA99209SOURCES // //This video is intended for entertainment & informative purposes only. Despite the lying media's claims, I do not endorse or support any form of hatred or bigotry. My content and arguments, I believe, speak for themselves. #MAGA Comments:
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