Mayday - Shocking Air Crash Disasters  from Naked Science

Mayday - Shocking Air Crash Disasters from Naked Science

Year: 2018
Authors: Naked Science
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0 seconds 720 Subscribe to Naked Science - other Wednesday we present a new video, so join us to see the truth laid bare...When the going gets tough at 30,000 feet and the unexpected happens, it's only the pilots with 'the right stuff' who wilI bring you safely down to earth.Watch incredible footage of Captain Larry Fuda landing his Boeing on only one set of main landing gear. The Gimli Glider is the nickname of an Air Canada aircraft that was involved in an unusual aviation incident. Captain Eric Moody lost all four engines when he flew into a cloud of volcanic ash, after gliding for an agonizing 14 minutes and dropping 25,000 feet, the engines suddenly burst into life. William Query survived a mid-air collision and managed to Iand his stricken plane safely. British Airways Captain Tim Lancaster was sucked out of his cockpit when his windscreen blew out, a purser clung to his feet as the co-pilot made an emergency landing. Captain Denny Fitch lost all flight controls in his DC10 but he achieved the impossible by landing his plane on a wing and a prayer.In this programme we meet the pilots whose acts of heroism saved passengers from almost certain death and find out what it took for these skilled men to land their planes.“Fear of Flying : Mayday” is a documentary from the “Extreme Machines” series. Comments:
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