Fortnite Perfect Timing Compilation #28 (Season 6)  from Arena Closer

Fortnite Perfect Timing Compilation #28 (Season 6) from Arena Closer

Year: 2018
Authors: Arena Closer
Post: Admin
0 seconds 720 Episode 28 of the Perfect Timing in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 6 (Best Moments) ► Subscribe for More Perfect Timing Compilations!📩 Submit your Perfect Timing here:• All episodes of Perfect Timing:• Top 50 Rare Moments of Perfect Timing:• Top 100 Perfect Timing Compilation in Fortnite:• Top 200 Perfect Timing Compilation in Fortnite: to everyone who presents their clips and who give us permission to make these videos possible! :)▼ Players featured in this episode: (In order of appearance)Plesiossauro Spiderpig0107 Cool-Kid4 Harding🎵 Music:Fortnite OG remix - Squeaky Clean MusicOutro Song:Arp Bounce© Arena Closer has permission to feature the clips you see and thumbnails are also protected by copyright and stealing them will result in copyright strikes.If there are any mistakes with the credits, or someone submitted your clip claiming it was theirs please email us: #perfecttiming #season6 Comments:
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