☃️Chillhop Essentials Winter 2018・lofi hip hop & chill beats  from Chillhop Music

☃️Chillhop Essentials Winter 2018・lofi hip hop & chill beats from Chillhop Music

Year: 2018
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0 seconds 720 ❄️ Stream / Buy Vinyl・🎧 Listen to chillhop on Spotify & Apple Music・ (Spotify)・ (Apple Music)🎶Tracklist00:00:00 Philanthrope X Yasper - Slopes00:02:59 Melodiesinfonie - Morning Glory00:06:30 Blue Wednesday - Middle School (feat. Magnus Klausen)00:08:54 Juan RIOS - Petricor00:12:03 Toonorth - Citrine00:14:23 BENBADABOOM - Mistleflow00:16:38 fantompower - blankets00:19:32 Ian Ewing - seltzy00:22:58 mommy - polarbeer00:25:44 Nokiaa & Dontcry - Viaduct00:27:56 Ruck P - Gratitude00:30:49 Tesk - burn my mind00:33:20 Osvaldo - Embers in the Dark00:35:54 Louk X Yasper - Captain Calvin00:38:34 Strehlow - Mila Coolness00:40:30 Monma - Potion00:42:33 Sofasound - With All I Am00:46:19 harris cole - larkspur00:49:31 Hanz - Crossroads00:52:05 sleepy fish - Fall's Echos00:54:43 sad toï - Love Affair in Kyoto00:57:47 invention_ - snowluv01:00:28 smoke trees winter lights01:03:08 a l e x - i need to paint my walls01:05:51 leavv - Candle01:08:16 Aso - Rainy Days🙌 Follow the artists・Philanthrope »・Yasper »・Melodiesinfonie »・Blue Wednesday »・Juan RIOS »・Toonorth »・BEN BADA BOOM »・fantompower »・Ian Ewing »・mommy »・Dontcry »・Nokiaa »・Ruck P »・TESK »・Osvaldo »・Louk »・Strehlow »・Monma »・Sofasound »・harris Cole »・Hanz »・sleepy fish »・sad toï »・invention_ »・Smoke Trees »・a l e x »・Leavv »・Aso »🎨 Artwork by Mauro Martins・・🎥Animations by Igor Duspara・・✔️ Check out our 24/7 livestream・🛍Chillhop Webshop・🐾 More Chillhop?・❔ Use our music in your videos・🙏 The Chillhop Community・・・ Comments:
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